Thursday, March 31, 2005

Going for it

Ok, so here it goes. Several months ago, I was surfing the web for some "weight-loss-motivation"... and that is when I discovered this blogging-business. And I think I like it! I had honestly never heard of a blog before, and now here I am, 6 months later after having lurked around all your blogs, I am starting my own. I would like to say I have a special purpose for this. Alas. There is no purpose. I know many random facts, I like to talk a lot, and I would like to document certain things, so why not start today? OK, ok. Yes, I am also trying to lose weight. And seeing how I have made ZIPPO progress even though I have been sitting at my computer reading about everyone else's progress (doh!), this could just be the KICK in the butt that I needed. (I am also eternally optimistic, sometimes unrealistic).
So let's start with: today I went to work and then I worked out. Yes, that $37 a month to 24 hour fitness makes for a very expensive jog on the treadmill when you only go about once a month. Well, darn it people. I don't like to waste money!!! I am at about 255 lbs. (and I won't tell you how much of a lie that is from my driver's license). So let's leave this post for now, and I am sure I will be dreaming up more later...


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