Thursday, March 31, 2005

Weighty outline

August 2001(start of college senior year)- 200 lbs
March 2002(compete in national swim meet)- 175 lbs
October 2002(college friends-reunion)- 205 lbs
January 2003(new years wake-up call)- 210 lbs
June 2003(trained for 4 months to run a marathon)- 195 lbs
September 2003(bridesmaid in friends wedding)- 215 lbs
January 2004(get engaged)- 225 lbs
March 2004(holy crap- i have to wear a wedding dress!)- 215 lbs
May 2004(start birth control pills)- 220 lbs
August 2004(wedding)- 235 lbs
December 2004(stop taking birth control pills)- 250 lbs
April 2005(maintaining, and still fat)- 255 lbs

So basically, birth control pills are the devil. But I am finally off of those now, and I don't have any excuse except my own laziness (and bad genes, and lack of free time, and I need new shoes... oh wait, what was I saying?) so I have to get my fat butt in gear. The end.


Blogger The Candid Bandit said...

Hi CO!

Thanks for leaving a message on my site. Everything you said is true.

Best of luck with your new blog!!

5:12 AM  
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